Table Of Contents

  1. RAD Installation Guide
  2. Comboboxentry-Glade3-Ruby  Guide
  3. KDE தமிழாக்கம் பயிற்சி வகுப்பு
  4. KDE தமிழாக்கம் செய்முறை Guide
  5. An intro about Gnu/Linux to Krishna Arts & Sceince College Students as Guest Lecture
  6. An Intro About Linux To Krishna Arts & Science College Students As Guest Lecture-Second Time
  7. SFD T-Shirts Back Side Design
  8. SFD 2009 Poster
  9. TechFest ’09
  10. SMS FrameWork Using Gnokii, Ruby & Mysql – Send Bulk Sms
  11. SMS FrameWork Using Gnokii, Ruby & CSV – Send Bulk Sms
  12. Sending Gmail From Ruby Script
  13. Automatic Birthday Remainder Using Ruby & Notify-Bin
  14. My First Interview
  15. Grub2-In-ubuntu 9.10
  16. Solution : How can we update the package lists & install packages in newly installed os [ubuntu] without Internet and Repository DVDs
  17. My Project
  18. About : Thyagarajan Shanmugham
  19. cdat 5.2 installation guide for ubuntu
  20. Setting up Contour Module in CDAT 5.2
  21. contour program using contour module and cdat 5.2
  22. matplotlib Installation Guide
  23. Interactive Contour -3d plot example program in matplotlib
  24. Map plotting using cdat
  25. Contour Lines On CDAT Map
  26. My Project Goal
  27. Nomograph
  28. #24camp
  29. CDAT Developers Supporting To My Project
  30. How To Edit World Map In CDAT – Documentation
  31. Latitiude-Longitude-Altitude Of All Over India-Cities
  32. WebScraping  Program to get Current Temperature of all over India Cities
  33. My First Talk in ILUGC – My Project Demo On Isothermal
  34. 24Hour Study on Isotherm Lines Over India using cdat


4 responses to this post.

  1. really i am happy to see the good F/LOSS enthusiast 🙂 keep on going and sharing 🙂


  2. Thanks Dude .!.


  3. I want to know menu creation in word press. Help me to create.


    • Hi,

      login to wordpress and choose your dashboard.
      then you can see one panel called “Pages” in left side.
      While drop down tha list , we can see the “Add Page”.
      Choose that option and set any name for that.

      Likewise only i too created this “Table of Contents” page.


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