My First Talk in ILUGC – My Project Demo On Isothermal

Hi to all,

On 13 th March 2010, afternoon 3.30 pm i started to present my project deomo on “Creating Current Isotherm Lines on Over Cdat-India Map”.

In front of My guide Mr.Thyagarajan Shanmugham and other ilugc active members like Mr.Raman, Mr.Bharathi , Mr.Shrinivasan i was presented about cdat , contour lines and dynamic creation on contour demo using Reliance Net Card.

Also few of my friend Nandha kumar , Dhasthageer , Selvamai , Rajkumar were came to attend my project demo in ilugc.

Like wise more than 20 people were attend the ilugc meeting on that day.

Thanks to my guide and ilugc members to gave me a wonderful oppurtunity to present my project demo.

Download link :



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  2. thanx for sharing this..


  3. wondeful post..thanks for sharing with us


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