24Hour Study on Isotherm Lines Over India using cdat

Hi to all,

Here i attached 51 images which is taken the output by automatted script using crontab in ubuntu .


see the time stamp on the top most right corner. Use slide show in picasa to view .!.

These output “isotherm_india” are generated by

1. webscraping the current temperature and barometer from the site http://www.timeanddate.com/weather/india to all the cities. Also getting values from china , pakistan , miyanmar, sri lankha, Nepal ,etc.,

2. Generate iso.nc which is plotting the current temperature over India map

3. Generate the Isothermal_over_india.png using “iso.nc” file

4. Send this “output image” and “to its source text file which contains ” latitude,longitude,temperature,barometer”  to my mail id and  ten of  my friends mail id.

5. I automatted all the 4 steps for nearly 2 days for every half an hour.

I have the text source file , so i can regenerate the same output as same in the above image link .



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