Contour Lines On CDAT Map


I did some basic concept of my project output.

As we seen earlier post, in My project I did contour over map.


save the following code as””

save the following code as “”

To run this program, do the following steps.

$ cd /usr/local/cdat-5.2/bin

$ ./cdat ~/

If we run the above program , we will get the output as below.

More over, this contour plot is not at all satisfied to me and my guide Mr.Thyagarajan Shanmugam.

So we planned to build a fresh contour module which will satisfies for heat ,pressure , wind and etc., contours.

அருளாளன் . த


One response to this post.

  1. Dear Arulan,

    I see at the end of your example that you’re not satisifed with the contours.

    The CDAT’s team pride itself in ensuring full satisfaction of its users. Could you please let us know what was “unsatisifying” in the plot. Maybe we can help you getting a “satisfying” plot or at least add the missing features in a future version of CDAT.

    Best regards,



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