My First Interview


Today i attend one technical interview.

i applied my resume to   ” Artha42 Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,  ”  via   mail to them.

interview was conducted 2 hours for me alone. two persons are interviewed me.

they asked many question in ruby.

first they were seen my resume and asked about my projects.

and they downloaded my sms framework project from .

they told me like explain about each and every lines of  my project.


they gave many simple mathematical questions ,and  i solved those in ruby programming.

Interview Questions :

mathematical problems :
1) consider one circle. the given points are centre (x,y) and its radius(r). user will give the third point (x1,y1). you need to findout whether the third point is placed inside circle or outside circle or on  the circle ? write program to solve this.

2) we have one array, that contains  numbers from 1 to 100 by mixed. and that array also having only one duplicate number. how will you find out that duplicated no without sorting or using any inbuild fns.

3) programming question :

we have one Class A. It contains some methods.

how can we write one method which is belong to that Class A.

this is not inheritance concept.

it is like plug-in concept.  we have inbuild class. for that we are going to write some methods. how will u append the methods to that class A.

we no need to rewrite the Class A. just we have to do , appending some methods to Class A , by writing some modules.  how about this in ruby?

4) database design:

we have few tables . we have users and groups. user may belongs to many groups as well as group having many users. i.e many to many relationship.using tables, how can u design this kind of database. u may use primary and forgin key concepts.
it should be efficiency.
for eg:

user table contains fields like user_primary_no , user name, gruoup_id (forgin key)

group table contains fields like group_primary_no,group name , user_id.

In this case,  each field can store only one value.
one user may belongs_to many group. one group may have many users. how can we design for this.

( i solved few problems  by  inefficient way. solved few problems by efficient manner ).

this is my first interview.

here i learned a lot. i m very weak in OO concepts and in database.

so need to study a lot .. , i ll prepare ….

i understood the difference among curriculum and our own program and company program standards.

i need to increase my programming standard  into company level.

nice experience.

அருளாளன் . த


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