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An Intro About Gnu/Linux to Krishna Arts & Sceince College Students as Guest Lecture

Date :  29/07/09

Location :  Krishna Arts and Science College , Kanchipuram .

Today afternoon 12.30 pm
Raj kumar, Dasthageer , Vishnu and I ( Arulalan ) were went to Krishna Arts & sceince College , Kanchipuram  to give an intro about FOSS and GNU/Linux as Guest Lecture.

( These guys are my friend and KanchiLUG members )

We brought our two laptops . They provided Lcd Projector. Nearly 1 pm we arranged Lcd and laptop.

Above 80 (eighty) Students were came to there lab. They are first and second year BCA Students.

Finally we started to talk about History of Gnu/Linux qt 1.20 pm. we talked with students in Tamil itself .

Link :

Initially I started to talk about  Operating System, Proprietary Softwares, and FOSS , etc.,

Students too interacted with us , nicely !

And we showed Ubuntu OS and its 3D  Desktop animations and effects to them.

The main thing is , they didn’t heard about Linux.

This is first time , they were seen Linux GUI . And all of them are wonder by seeing the GUI of Linux.

And again using PDF , we talked discussed with those students about why we need Open Source.

Link :

Now Dastha , Raj and Vishnu were gave speech to them .  Raj made few comedies about Proprietary software.

Students are enjoyed !

( This is first time experience to all of us , especially to those 3 guys ! )

and I explained many thing about Viruses and Security and Open Source Languages , & Jobs .

and using PDF we showed them , ” How to install ubuntu as dual boot ” . we can not show them , ubuntu Live cd because of insufficient time .

Link :

so upto 3.15 pm we were took an introduction session about Gnu/Linuix  to those students…

Thanks to those students and staff to support to us to make this talk as memorable one ! ! !

Thanks to Vishnu, because ( he studied his ug in that college ) he only makes this Guest Lecture .

we hope, surely this guest lecture gave some basic idea about FOSS and Linux to those students .

And finally we told them about our Kanchi Linux User Group ( KLUG ) and its activities !

அருளாளன் . த


KDE தமிழாக்கம் செய்முறை Guide

Hello World ,

Here we are going to learn how to translate English Strings into TamilStrings in   ( KDE 4.3 )  Kubuntu Operating System

Kubuntu 9.04


How to install Tamil Language Package :

Type this command in Konsole …

$ sudo apt-get install language-pack-kde-ta

1. Select “ System Seetings “  From Kubuntu Menu



2. Select “ Regional & Language “


3. Select Tamil Language


4. Now Everything in Tamil

setting35.How to enable Tamil Type Writing


6. Select ” India ”


7.Move India towards Right Side


8. Select Layout



9. Move ” India ” towards Up


10. Set Shortcut to change Global Tamil Font to English Font & Vice Versa


Type this link in URL to get source string from internet


Select Tamil From that


Select “ Extrangear-Multimedia “



Right Click On Our Application Name ( Amarok ) and Click on “ Save Link As “ and Save that into our folder with default extension as . pot


Save that extension . Pot file as . Po extension file


Installation Poedit

$ sudo apt-get install poedit


Open poedit


Open . po file ( eg : Open amarok.po )


Amarok Player in English Strings


Opened . po file in Poedit


Select English Strings and Type Corresponding Meaningful Stings in Tamil



Use Symbols as it is ( for eg: & , % , + , Numericals , etc )




Convert all Strings into Tamil and finally Click Save Button.

By default it will create . mo extention file in that same folder.

Copy this . mo file ( ) into


$ sudo cp /usr/share/locale-langpack/ta/LC_MESSAGES/

Now Open that application , ( here open amarok )

Now we can see our application in Tamil String which was typed by us .



Same Procedure , we can follow to change english strings to all other languges …

Enjoy with your Mother Tounge ! ! !

You can get this document as PDf from here

Best Wishes From ARULALAN . T